Trustees and Directors

The Pre-school is run by volunteers who take on the roles of trustees and directors.

The trustees are responsible for overseeing the:

  • managment of the pre-school’s finances and budgets
  • employment and managment of staff
  • implementation of the settings policies that ensure we provide a high quality childcare and safeguard children effectively.
  • way we work in partnership with the children’s parents.

Meet the current Trustees/Directors:

Rachel Pettitt

I have four children who have all attended the pre-school. My youngest started pre-school in September 2021. I became a Trusteee in 2020.

Ania Pettit

I have three children who have all gone through the pre-school. I became a Trustee in March 2020.

Rachel Glew

I have one child who currently attends pre-school. I became a Trustee in November 2021.

Gemma White

I have two young children,who have both been through the pre-school. I have worked for Lush for many years and within that time have become a teacher of massage and an assessor. I am also a qualified dance teacher and used to run my own dance company locally. I also run a local Brownie Unit in Wareham. I enjoy helping others, reading, crafts and watersports.